Friday, March 24, 2006

Webpage Update

In one of my posts, the one marked "toonspirit", I told of my updates to the site. Andy wrote me and asked me to give the URL. The web address is Look under the resources page and see what you can find. Thanks Andy for telling me that you needed the URL (which I think is a fancy term for the address of the site.) and the opportunity to give information on what I have been working on. There will be more updates later. Also, if people want to look for updates, go to my profile on "Anthrakia" and go to the web page section. My webpage is there too.


Blogger Andrew Harnack said...

Richie, I've taken the liberty of making your link to your website hot. And I've looked at your site at some length. Wonderful work, Richie! It makes me wish that I were a member of your third-grade Sunday School class so that I could share your joy and enthusiasm in person. See you Sunday and keep me on the right notes while we sing!

Friday, 24 March, 2006  

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