Thursday, March 23, 2006


Was Superman a United Methodist?

According to a recent entry in the Wesley Blog (see link in the list to the right) an author who specializes in Superman trivia has said in an interviw that the Man of Steel was raised as a United Methodist by his adoptive parents--Mrs. and Mrs. Kent of Smallville, Kan.

This idea was apparenty based on passing reverences to Clark's upbringing in the body of work on Superman that has appeared since 1939. The author--I can't remember his name--was a script writer for DC Comics back in the 1980s, so he has some first-hand experience with the Superman back-story.

By the way, Batman is an Episcopal. Lois Lane is a Catholic, and Jimmy Olson is a Lutheran.

Interestingly, the blog entry mentions that these fictional characters are devoting themselves to a life of service at considerable expense and danger to themselves. The suggestion was made in relation to Superman, at least, that his small-town Protestant upbringing might have been a factor in his devotion to the service of humankind.

Unfortunatlly, like far too many United Methodists, Superman doesn't seem to be attending services as an adult.

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Mason Smith


Blogger Carl Heinlein said...

Thanks for the insight on Superman. As a cartoon buff and a teacher using them, I find this fascinating. I know that Superman the TV series started in the 40's while the old Popeye theatrical shorts and Tom and Jerry theatrical shorts were still new.

Friday, 24 March, 2006  

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