Friday, April 14, 2006


Interesting web site for the Daily Office

Readers of Anthrakia might like to look at a web site that includes the daily office--both morning and evening prayers. It can be reached at:

Visitors to this site can get the full-text prayers, or shorter versions without the scripture lessons. You also can click on download buttons for audio files of some of the music.

Best wishes,
Mason Smith


Blogger Andrew Harnack said...

Mason, thanks for posting The Daily Office, a genuinely helpful site. Inasmuch as we might exchange prayerbooks soon, I used part of the BCP office this morning so that I'll be somewhat acquainted with the rhythms of the unchangeable parts of the office other than the Psalms. Using the Office, perhaps you too begin the day with these words:

Rising in darkness,
let us all keep watching;
let psalms provide our source of meditation
And sing with all our strength
hymns of adoration.
to our Creator bring.

As we might praises
bring a holy ruler
so may we sing
your heavenly courts to enter
There with the saints to join
now and ever after
blessing on us confer.

Grant, blessed God head
this our prayer at dawning
that we reflect the goodness of your Presence
Your beauty shines, O Light,
O Sun, O Radiance
glory re-echoing

In the Lutheran tradition, a similar hymn, also known as the Christe Sanctorum, with words ascribed to Gregory, goes like this:

Father, we praise thee, now the night is over,
active and watchful, stand we all before thee;
singing we offer prayer and meditation:
thus we adore thee.

Monarch of all things, fit us for thy mansions;
banish our weakness, health and wholeness sending;
bring us to heaven, where thy saints united
joy without ending.

All holy Father, Son, and equal Spirit,
Trinity blessed, send us thy salvation;
thine is the glory, gleaming and resounding
through all creation.

May your Holy Saturday be a Great Sabbath for you, Marie, and the kids. (By the way, I think I saw Marie last evening at the Baptist Church's "The Borrowed Tomb." Did I?)

June and I plan to participate in the 7:30 Easter Vigil at Faith Lutheran Church in Lexington.

See you Easter morning!

Saturday, 15 April, 2006  

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