Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A couple of interesting web sites


I ran into a couple of interesting things on the web recently.

The first is, which is a site operated by two reporters who cover religion for national media. They point out that many times a story is covered by the media as if religion were not part of the it, when in fact the faith of the participants is the story. They are attempting, in this blog, to discuss the subtext of religion when it comes up in the news--something that CNN and the other networks don't always have the expertise to do.

The other site is Ben Witherington III's blog The post I was particularly interested in dealt with whether a biblical scholar can be too skeptical. Isn't skepticism a faith stance itself? Dr. Witherington is a professor at Asbury and a noted New Testament scholar--and a good writer generally. His site includes book and movie reviews, along with comments on current news stories, among many other things. If you're looking around the web, you might want to stop in there and see what's new with BW3, as his blogging friends call him.

Best wishes,
Mason Smith


Blogger Andrew Harnack said...

Thanks so much for alerting us to these two fine blogs. I've added them to our list of important links that readers of Anthrakia might wish to visit.

Saturday, 02 September, 2006  

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