Monday, July 24, 2006

Who's Afraid of Post-Modernism? Web Resources

I've finished reading Who's Afraid of PM? and am delighted that several of us will discuss it when everyone gets his or her copy. As an introduction to the developing theology of Radical Orthodoxy and the what some call the "Emerging Church," I'm convinced that whoever among us that reads it will be challenged and perhaps persuaded by Smith's convictions. At the back of the book, Smith provides a list of online resources that you may be interested in exploring. I list them here and will insert them in the template in a day or so.

The Ooze is "the site" for thinking about the emerging church. It includes articles that are regularly updated and organized under the categories of culture, faith, and ministry. It also provides information on new books and upcoming events, along with opportunities to connect with others via online forums. The site's design is excellent.

Emergent contains very helpful resources, including articles, online forums, and information about Emerging Gatherings, conferences, and other events, including online conferences and lectures. You can sign up for an Emergent Villege e-newletter.

Ancient-Future Worship, hosted by Robert Webber's Institute for Worshop Studies, proves some resources for churches trying to integrate the insights of Ancient-Future Faith into their worship.

The Ekklesia Project is an ecumenical, cross-demonimational movement seekng to think about a more radical understanding of being disciples of Jesus, emphasizing the church's counter-cultural calling. Lots of resources, including articles and an e-zine.

The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory provides access to some of the best work at the intersection of Continental philosophy, theology, and religious studies. Excellent design and rich archives.

When you get your copy of Who's Afraid of PM?, we'll talk it over, most likely chapter-by-chapter. Let us know when you want to start.


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