Sunday, July 02, 2006

Independence Day Service At FUMC, and July 4th

Hello Everyone

I hope everyone will have a great time at the special service at FUMC. By the time everyone reads this, the service will be over, however, I want that everyone has a great time at the service(s) and a happy safe and sane 4th itself.

My mom is coming in for the late service and will be spending the day with me. I would like everyone's prayers for her because she has had a rough week. It hasn't been bad just hectic. Pray for a restful and enjoyable day today for her and also for her week coming up.

I plan to go probably to a potluck and party on the 4th itself with a group of fellow believers from a church called "The River On Main" (pretty close to where we serve and/or worship together at FUMC. After helping to lead worship with the choir for the second service, I have been going over there to see what it is like . I have made some new friends there. Some of them have even come to my house to watch the cartoon discipleship lessons that God has given me to write. A couple of them even perhaps want to use them for youth ministry over there. Pray for this as well, so that these lessons receive yet more audience.

On a more global note, let's pray for our U.S. soldiers and our Allies' forces as well. This is very important!!!

God Bless You. Be Safe.



Blogger Gene Kleppinger said...

I will report that the FUMC service on Sunday, July 2 was both disturbingly patriotic and honorably Christian. The sermon dealt with the commitments of a Christian in general, emphasizing that our primary loyalty belongs to God/Christ only. The pastor even mentioned that God blesses all nations and desires us to work for peace with everybody, especially our enemies. For me it was too bad to have that message stuck inside a misleading wrapper of USA-only rhetoric and decorations. I am also growing weary of seeing how the great message of "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord" gets mangled into some sort of patriotic-American theme.

Monday, 03 July, 2006  

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