Monday, June 05, 2006

Denny's 2 cents: Denny's 2 cents

Denny's 2 cents: Denny's 2 cents

A little while back, I was invited to be on this blog by Denny and thought it might be a good idea. I met him at Subway and we talked. If you guys would have me, I don't mind participating in this blog.

I agree wholeheartedly with the last post on this blog. We need to live the life and not just talk a good game.

If the people on this blog don't mind, I would like to show a major part of my witness by showing my website to people on this blog. My web address is I write bible devotionals with cartoons that you may have seen growing up with. Hopefully, you will give me feedback by e-mail. There is only text on this web site however. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. If anyone is interested in seeing one of these to get blessed e-mail me about that too!!!

God Bless You. Be Safe.

Carl Heinlein (Richie)


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