Monday, December 12, 2005

Wright, Romans and the Theology of Paul

In the introduction of "Romans and the Theology of Paul," Wright spend several pages "On Reading Romans Theologically" and in the first paragraph tells us what he plans to do: "This paper addresses these puzzles [the ones his Roman readers encountered] by means of a theological reading of the letter; that is, a reading of the letter drawing out its main theological line of thought, and a summary of the theology that thus emerges, showing how, and perhaps why, it was deployed in this fashion. This, I take it, is my assigned topic; I have not forgotten rhetorical analysis, narrative criticism, historical setting, and so, but I canot give them full measure here." What is puzzling about the letter? Have we got any genuine ideas as to what Wright means by "rhetorical analysis" and narrative criticism"? Might we want to take a look at Romans in some detail, perhaps with Wright?


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